Palm Tree Creeper

Spring 2016 Tour: Mexico footage


Spring 2016 Tour: Mexico + USA footage B-Roll extended jam.

A Little Piece

Some archival footage found on an old production drive.

Breached Beach

A fun 15 second clip produced for Instagram taking advantage of 60fps footage for a beach crash.

Introducing the Sun Toucher

The Sun Toucher is open-source and available at Rotor Garage. Initial testing went well.

Chase the 'Vette

A very long edit, but we got it finished. Such fun with the filters.

Staring into the Sun

No one injured, pissed off, or arrested. West coast, USA.

Prey Like Birds

Out and about in Colorado, the weather was great!

Sunday Sway: Kickin' it with Dino

Back in the day, before all the arrests, Lower East Side in Manhattan was the place to FPV.

Instagram Feed Highlights

Just another "Run Through the Jungle".

Doing it right...

Just love this song, might have to mix against all of it!

Working with intertial flight.

From a maiden session using a sub250 gram micro (~130mm frame). Capture is via low lux camera (Run Cam Owl).

More 130mm + Run Cam Owl, including some night footage.

Slow-mo (1/5 speed) and Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" stretched 17.58x via Paul Stretch.